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Abuja Fashion Expo is a direct response to the call to diversify the nation’s economy, particularly through fashion - a sector that has proven very profitable in many countries of the world. By providing a platform for budding fashion entrepreneurs/professionals and established ones to conquer, the expo promotes enterprise the fashion way. Abuja Fashion Expo looks to promote Skill Acquisition and Entrepreneurship in Fashion and aims to prepare young graduates for a career in the same. The expo is also a lifeline for the unemployed youth who may just do excellently well running a fashion business.

The expo is a lifeline for the unemployed youth who may do just great running a fashion business. It provides opportunities that foster enterprise among women and makes for their further inclusiveness in the society.
It is the vision of the expo to empower at least 300 budding fashion entrepreneurs and to provide a major boost to existing fashion businesses especially in the nation’s capital. Abuja Fashion Expo is a practical solution that we should embrace as we strive to build a greater nation.

If you've got interest in fashion and would like to build a healthy career, get on board! There's no better place to start. Get certificated in the process.

Do you own/run a fashion business? Grow it at the expo when you get in tune with the latest trends and business strategies. Get more people to know about your apparel and make more sales while you're at it.

We share the same expectations and more for your designer brand and that's why everyone else needs to know about it. Showcase it. You just love the fashion experience right? We know and there's more than enough room for you. Runway glamour featuring top models and fashion brands with uncommon entertainment are the reason the event is the most complete yet.

It's Abuja Fashion Expo!